Monochromatic patio decor

Let's talk outdoors.

Be honest, before we had to #stayathome how many times did you procrastinate your outdoor space project? I bet you underestimated the importance it would one day have on you. Even before the pandemic we're experiencing, I've always loved outdoor spaces. There's something about being in the open air that gives a sense of casualness, which I am all up for. After all, it's home, the place where you should feel the most comfortable. What's better than an alfresco dinner surrounded with twinkle lights or breakfast while listening to the sound of nature? Yes, it's little things like these that make the outdoors so special.

It's time to give your patio or balcony the love it deserves.

This monochromatic outdoor concept is both bold and muted, with enough personality to transform your space and subtleness to highlight its surroundings.

Sofa | Chairs | Rug | Coffee Table | Pendant Light | Topiary | Lanterns | Side Table